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The arc of history — and misogyny — is long

I’m feeling more emotional than I expected with just two more weeks between history and the election of our first woman president. In my lifetime! What a thrill! Oddly enough, her opponent’s misogyny may be what finally makes women — … Continue reading

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Empathy is the key: Obama will win

Give the prez a second term! I contend there may be a silver lining in his numerous attempts at compromise. If we look closely enough he’s a guy who can empathize. He doesn’t have the stomach for the mean-spirited politics … Continue reading

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Election night was just right

Most Americans are sensible, decent folks, that’s what I think. So here’s my prediction: with all the yelling and nastiness, do-nothing obstructionist Republicans in Congress, and overreach of social conservatives trying to snatch people’s rights, President Obama will win re-eclection … Continue reading

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Empty Wallets

George Packer’s piece in the July 25 New Yorker humanizes the serious economic mess we’re in, not like the politicos in Congress ranting about cuts that disallow an unemployed father from providing medical treatment for his daughter with bone cancer. … Continue reading

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Cornel West preaches, “Get Funky”

It almost didn’t matter what Cornel West said, it was the cadence of his voice that grabbed me. A blues man, an intellectual chiding us to live the unsettled, or funky life. I identified with him. “Greed has been running … Continue reading

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