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Three funny stories, but not the funniest ever

There I was, naked in the Jewish Community Center locker room post-Zumba class and shower. A young woman ran into the room announcing “Sheila Wilensky is writing a story on kids’ fitness for the Post.” “Uh, that’s me,” I said … Continue reading

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Genevieve Ferguson (1917-2011)

“Oh sit by me dear. Tell me about Tucson and your life…” Gen was elegant. She loved art. She loved music and beauty and surrounded herself with beautiful things. I’m sure they all meant something to her, and recalled her … Continue reading

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People are so much nicer in NYC than they used to be

I used to be afraid of going to THE CITY so everything seemed scary. But now people smile at each other on the subway. Guys give up their seats to old ladies (not talking about me here). People are generally … Continue reading

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Family: back east and in Tucson

I’m going on a family vacation today — not to the Bahamas or Italy but to the heart of it all — hanging out with my kids in New York City. I’ll arrive at Brook’s new digs, which she and … Continue reading

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Cornel West preaches, “Get Funky”

It almost didn’t matter what Cornel West said, it was the cadence of his voice that grabbed me. A blues man, an intellectual chiding us to live the unsettled, or funky life. I identified with him. “Greed has been running … Continue reading

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It’s all about the brain

If I were younger and smarter I’d study neuroscience. All those fascinating connections, how we’re actually wired for cooperation — not intra-species violence — but greed has taught us otherwise, at least us Americans. I don’t believe obsessive greed is … Continue reading

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