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Registering people to vote

Yesterday was a long, tiring day at the Tucson Jewish Community Center.  Watching lines of young swimmers smiling by our table, severely disabled kids in wheelchairs, and exercisers of all ages, my book club pals and I registered only three … Continue reading

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A little knowledge can’t hurt…

Wyoming and the deep South are home to the most ardent DT supporters (check out  Nate Silver’s chart, state by state. What do they put in their drinking water? I’m happy to report that Hawaii’s residents are the most … Continue reading

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Best Sabino Canyon walk ever! Balancing encroaching fascism!

I made it to the top and back, 7.4 miles. Overcast. Lovely. Cool raindrops. A salve to the constant news of America going down, down, down. Assigning myself the end-of-birthday week challenge to make it to the top did me … Continue reading

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Synonym for the n-word: criminal

Hating is the in-thing. Hell, the hater-in-chief roams the White House, tweeting his daily venom across the globe. How much hatred is codified into law? “Three strikes and you’re out,” a signature part of  the 1994 Crime Act touted by … Continue reading

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