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The year I went gray but still wore sequins

On the eve of 2012 it’s okay to eat as much chocolate as I want. Alternating between the raspberry and ginger dark chocolate that Dan presented me with on Christmas morning, that’s how the day is — one bite in … Continue reading

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Stephen King is a good guy

I’m reading my first Stephen King novel, 11/22/63. With my holiday gift certificate “burning a hole” in my sequined backpack, I biked to Antigone Books today as soon I found out they were open. After years of avoiding King’s scary stuff, … Continue reading

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Calling bullshit on the small-minded newt

Oh please, what is it with the American Family Association? How could they possibly endorse Newt Gingrich in the Iowa Republican caucus? What happened to family values? newt, a noun — a small rough-skinned amphibian with lungs and a well-developed … Continue reading

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Neshama Carlebach: Soul-singing rock ‘n’ roll

This week I read that Neshama Carlebach is one of the world’s leading Jewish entertainers. I never heard of her before she came to Tucson. I may have thought of Woody Allen as a Jewish entertainer; his primarily Jewish humor often … Continue reading

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Un-Soprano-ed but Wired for Homeland

I’ve never been one for television. When the kids were little I complained about the evils, the passivity, of television. Five years ago, when I first met Dan, he insisted there were better TV shows than movies. I found that … Continue reading

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Twelve-year-old bartender: Anything goes in NYC

Anything goes in a traditional Central Park West household: a lavish dessert buffet, an overview of giant balloons ready to soar in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade the next morning, hip New Yorkers of all ages. What about a 12-year-old … Continue reading

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NYC Occupy Wall Street unoccupied

Zuccotti Park had more private security people “occupying” it last Friday than Occupy Wall Street protesters. “Join us, join us,” a few people called out, huddling together at one end of the park in the rain. “Sure,” I replied. A … Continue reading

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