Sheila Wilensky weaves more than 40 years of experience as the owner of OZ Children’s Bookstore in Southwest Harbor, Maine, as an events consultant for TUSD, administrator of the OZ Literacy Fund, and as a writer/editor, journalist, and educator.

Sheila was associate editor of the Arizona Jewish Post for a decade, where she won the Simon Rockower Award for first place for excellence in feature writing from the American Jewish Press Association in 2012. She served as chair of the Tucson Festival of Books history/memoir/biography committee and on the Festival’s Author Committee.
For six years, Sheila led a writing group for individuals recovering from serious mental illness at Tucson’s Our Place Clubhouse, which culminated in the publication of “A Certain Slant of Light. Emerging from the Shadows of Mental Illness” in 2014 (designed by Julie Ray Creative).
She has edited children’s books for publishers, doctoral dissertations, and author manuscripts, including “Esperanza Means Hope” by Gwen Russel Harvey (Arizona Historical Society, 2010) and “Ethnobiology for the Future” by Gary Nabhan (University of Arizona Press, 2016).
Since her retirement from the Arizona Jewish Post, Sheila has written articles for Publishers Weekly, Poets & Writers, Desert Leaf, Tucson Weekly, and other publications.
Sheila collaborates with Julie Ray Creative on projects, of which the latest was A Writer’s Guide for the 2020 TFOB Young Authors Contest.

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