Empty Wallets

George Packer’s piece in the July 25 New Yorker humanizes the serious economic mess we’re in, not like the politicos in Congress ranting about cuts that disallow an unemployed father from providing medical treatment for his daughter with bone cancer. I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore! So I’m writing.

How outrageous that Congress and the President are babbling about reducing trillions in the budget, cutting Social Security and Medicare — for some elderly their only income/health care — while members of Congress have the best health care on earth, don’t have to worry about paying for their next gallon of gas, or consuming ultra-giant sodas instead of milk because the crap is cheaper.

President Obama should not give in to these irresponsible, inhumane supposed government representatives who are really only interested in securing their jobs for another term. Use the bully pulpit, you know how, comon’ Barack! Now is the time.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is carrying on about the president wanting a blank check to get us out of this economic mess. Yeah, that’s enough to scare the masses who get so riled up about the possibility of their taxes increasing by $100 a year. Is it really so awful to pay $100 more a year to have decent schools or help provide health care for a young girl with cancer?

Why does saving such a small amount of money have more impact than letting the wealthiest corporations maintain tax loopholes, or allowing the ultra-rich to benefit from tax breaks approved by the Bush administration?

But not help the Hartzell family, who not only were denied the best medical treatment for their daughter, but were also cut off from receiving jobless benefits in Florida?

Ninety-seven percent of House Republicans have taken the “No Tax Pledge” while the biggest corporations get out of paying their fair share of taxes. Is that what they mean by a “No Tax Pledge?”

Why are no-tax pledgers so angry about helping others? If they’re religious, don’t they learn in church to do onto others as you would have done unto you, or something like that. It’s really the religion of individualism that has driven us into this abyss. Individualism to the detriment of everybody else only inspires greed, harkening back to the Reagan years.

We hear words tossed around such as freedom, rights, more freedom, but why do they only relate to the people intent on spouting them, not all of us?

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