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From sea to shining sea

The Pacific is majestic, stretching across the horizon islandless for thousands of miles. Perched above the Pacific in our little “Shag’s Nest” cabin in Yachats, Oregon, I watch the changing tides, the black volcanic rock — oh could that be … Continue reading

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My father’s daughter

I don’t know if my father really liked plants and nature, or if he just fell into the floral business by birth. My father, Sidney Edward Wilensky, was the son of Jacob Wilensky, who peddled fruits and vegetables on the … Continue reading

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Vacation, Revolution and the Rapture

I’m in vacation mode. We’ll be heading to Oregon early tomorrow morning; sure hope we beat the end of the world! Will we be safe in Eugene with all the other progressive sinners? Will we be safe snuggling up in … Continue reading

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New Yorker cover

It’s artsy and clever: An eraser eliminates Osama bin Laden’s face. The “decider” did nothing except bluster. No matter what President Obama does I appreciate his reserved style, his smarts (you can almost tell when he’s just blabbing). And bin … Continue reading

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Oh, the places you’ll go

Wherever you go around Tucson today there are congratulatory signs to University of Arizona grads, whisking me back to my own college graduation. It’s 1968, and I’m sitting next to my first real boyfriend, among 2,000 plus other College of … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day/Reading Day

We went out for breakfast. I spoke to Brook and Ethan; nothing else matters on Mother’s Day. I wished a few dear friends and Dan’s wonderful mom a happy day. Then I read. First the Sunday NYTimes — Week in … Continue reading

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Riding my blue bike

Purple and white streamers, spongy purple grips, I could have been 10 years old. But I’m talking about today — my triathlon — cycling, yoga, swimming. First I rode five miles to yoga class, then rode back home another five … Continue reading

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