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Welcoming 2013

Life keeps turning. But there’s still so much I don’t know. Why does this Christmas cactus bloom at the same time every year? Where do our memories go when we grow old? Dan’s father says the worst thing about being … Continue reading

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Birds of Paradise, part 2

Memories can be elusive, unlike flowers. In yesterday’s post I mentioned that my father, Sidney Edward Wilensky, was a florist. Guess I haven’t talked about him much, even to my closest friends. Maybe it’s because my father died in 1969, … Continue reading

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Election night was just right

Most Americans are sensible, decent folks, that’s what I think. So here’s my prediction: with all the yelling and nastiness, do-nothing obstructionist Republicans in Congress, and overreach of social conservatives trying to snatch people’s rights, President Obama will win re-eclection … Continue reading

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