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Nasty dog people

Holiday morning, a pleasant time to ride bikes through near-empty Tucson streets. Iced coffee at Frank’s and my favorite spinach-mushroom-swiss omelette. What could go wrong? A truckload of people, or dogs, pulled in. I couldn’t tell which. We were sitting … Continue reading

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Gemini Art Date/Tres Amigas

Let the wild Gemini celebrations begin! My friend Julie and I share a June 11 birthday; we headed to Cafe a la C’Arte for lunch on Thursday since I’ll be away on our actual birthday. And here’s something worthwhile: Tucked … Continue reading

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Entering a portal to the West

I’ve lived in Tucson for nearly 10 years but I’ll never be of the West. Back East, specifically as a New Englander, it’s always about us. American history is about the Pilgrims, Ben Franklin, the Adams boys, Crispus Attucks and … Continue reading

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No fan of LBJ, but I gotta say…

Some folks are really, really happy that President Obama emerged from his evolution closet today to support same-sex marriage. Fine by me. If gays and lesbians want to marry, it’s their business, not mine. For me it’s equality. My beloved … Continue reading

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Strange to have two homes

I’m not talking about being in the wrong economic class to have a summer home in Maine. I couldn’t make myself sign the papers to sell my house during the real estate boom, then I imagined never selling because of … Continue reading

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Crash, smash, get going again

Wednesday morning around 9:15 a.m.: Hmm…another iced coffee with soy milk? But then I would have to drive up Dodge, wait at that long light crossing River on my way to work. Alvernon is faster. Weekday mundane thoughts as I … Continue reading

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