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“Great House”

I didn’t get it. I read “Great House” by Nicole Krauss in a day, hoping the disparate parts would come together in the end but it didn’t happen. At least not for me. So I went to the reviews expounding … Continue reading

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My post-Thanksgiving thoughts (rant?)

Who would have thunk it? One of the highlights of Thanksgiving was having breakfast at Joe’s Pancake House. The Greek omelet was exceptionally tasty — stuffed with pieces of gyro meat and kalamata olives — but Joe himself was a … Continue reading

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Journalism is not a hobby — damn right

How outrageous, how contemptuous, how idiotic is Sarah Palin? Really. “As for doing an interview, though, with a reporter [Katie Couric] who already has such a bias against whatever it is that I would come out and say? Why waste … Continue reading

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Sheila talks about writing

I’m no Stephen King, nor do I want to be, but his “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” is worth reading. It’s a generous work, published the year after King was nearly killed walking down a Maine country road, … Continue reading

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Tour de tour

Today was El Tour de Tucson, a giant bicycle race that raises funds for non-profit charitable agencies. Around 9,000 folks cycle all over the city, 109 miles in one race, a bunch more go for 66 miles, and some head … Continue reading

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Bran Donuts

That’s how Rachel McAdams, playing morning-everything-TV show producer Becky Fuller, portrays combining news and entertainment in the cute new movie “Morning Glory,” which we saw tonight. McAdams is like a buzz saw in the lead role, with an always terrific … Continue reading

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Hippening Up History

History is a big topic for me: I’ve taught it, lived it, written about it, and pondered its future. I’ve also jetted around the country presenting workshops for teachers, “Connecting History: Their Lives, Our Lives.” No one is objective; it’s … Continue reading

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Hoofer, father

That’s how Savion Glover describes himself in the UApresents program. I’d call him the most creative, stupendous tap dancer ever. His body resonates music — there’s no need of instruments. “Bare Soundz,” his latest show, performed last night with Marshall … Continue reading

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If I write more I write more

I’ll admit that it took me few months getting comfortable with the notion of starting a blog. People have plenty of stuff to read already, I thought. Hurling myself into cyberspace, how important was it to carefully edit my blog … Continue reading

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Wild Bill won’t ride again

I have a new political theory. Maybe the beginning of all this extreme — often lying — criticism exemplified in last week’s election stems from President Bill Clinton’s impeachment on Dec. 19, 1998. If right wing politicians could get away … Continue reading

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