I'm a little older -- but no less energetic -- than when I created this website!

I’m a little older but no less energetic than when I created this website!

Words matter. Let’s choose the right ones for your book, website, business newsletter, dissertation, or to tell your family’s story. As a journalist and lively writer, I listen and ask insightful questions.  I’m the Tucson freelance writer and editor who wants to work with you!

Friends/authors/mentors talking:

“As a writer, I am always a bit nervous about sending my work out into the world. After all, my columns are like my babies and getting them out of my head and onto paper is at times as difficult as giving birth!
Sheila is more than an editor; she is a “word-midwife” who helps ensure the safe passage of my words and ideas into the world of print. Working with Sheila is a joy and a privilege!”

— Amy Hirshberg Lederman, syndicated columnist for the Arizona Jewish Post and other publications, author of “One God, Many Paths: Finding Meaning and Inspiration in Jewish Teaching.”


“Anyone who works with you is guaranteed to have lively, substantive, reflective conversations about things that matter. They’ll be richer for the material that comes from these exchanges.”

Keep talking!

— Anne Sibley O’Brien, children’s writer & illustrator


“When she gave up the bookstore, and went back to teaching, we maintained contact with one another as she brought her students regularly on a pilgrimage to Boston, to meet with me and others. I could see, in those sessions, what a remarkable teacher she was.”

—  the late historian Howard Zinn, author of “People’s
History of the United States”