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The shoes, oh the shoes!

My pal Martha and I share an ongoing conundrum: How many pairs of shoes to take on a trip? I’m thinking four when I take off for my beloved Mount Desert Island, Maine, on Thursday. I’ll need the hiking boots … Continue reading

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Incomprehensibly small world

Ethan emailed me today that a grad school buddy who’s in Afghanistan is coming up to to join him for a bike trip this weekend in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. When my adventurous, talented son, Ethan, now 30, graduated from Mount Desert … Continue reading

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Home is where you belong

Home can be more than one place. At least it is for me. Such a warm feeling for Gabby Giffords who’s home in Tucson for the weekend, the first time since being shot in the head on Jan. 8, nearly … Continue reading

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Wake up, wake up you sleepyhead…

“Live, love, laugh and be happy. I’m just a kid again doin’ what I did again, singing that song. When the red, red robin comes bobobobing along…” That was my father’s favorite song. So it struck me as deep, meaningful … Continue reading

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Heavenly Feet

Living in Tucson is like being on constant vacation, a prelude to an imagined lovely retirement. I took today off from work to celebrate with my friend Julie, with whom I share a June 11 birthday. Now I’m so relaxed … Continue reading

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Wait there’s more…

How did I forget the merging of my two stories at the 2004 Democratic Convention in “Advising Obama — In a Dream,” yesterday’s post? When I heard that George McGovern was at the convention in Boston I scurried over to … Continue reading

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Advising President Obama — in my dream

President Obama confided in me this morning. I was asleep. “I don’t believe in Jesus,” he told me, “but I get a lot of flak for it.” Boy was I surprised, even if it was a dream. Why was he … Continue reading

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