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Celebrations: The Precious, the Pretty and the Purple

I’ve collected the entire set. Last year I got my Part A Medicare card but that wasn’t enough of a birthday present so I bought myself a Macbook Air — The Precious. Last month, hearing that I had won a … Continue reading

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Ice cream and revolution

Swirly chocolate & vanilla, rocky road, bourbon crunch homemade at the Hub, even weird flavors like licorice conjured up at the aggie school when I was in college. An ice cream cone can change the world. How many families got … Continue reading

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A life of words

Sometimes I forget that I owned a bookstore. People came into Oz Books because they trusted our reading suggestions, our “homey knowledge,” as the Oz bookmark said. There was the parent who followed me around the store wanting to know … Continue reading

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Anonymous benefactor continued: OZ Literacy Fund

Oz Books closed on March 17, 1997. My still unknown anonymous benefactor decided to set up a nonprofit for me to run so I could continue providing literacy programs on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I found out my “guardian angel” … Continue reading

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No more crapola

Last year’s birthday present to myself was a MacBook Air. I had lusted after one since they first came out — the sleekness, the silverness, the speed. Dan only had to watch me with my new toy for a day … Continue reading

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Hip brasserie vs. pollo feliz (happy chicken)?

Wednesdays are half-price days at Pollo Feliz, the home of Mexican grilled chicken here in Tucson. A big white truck with a ¬†trailer full of prickly pear pods, rakes strewn everywhere, pulled in front of me while I waited to … Continue reading

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Going forward, remembering my anonymous benefactor

It’s been a while. I’m starting a big writing project, no, continuing a project I’ve been working on my whole life. Here’s my request: if I tell snippets of a story will you let me know what questions you have, … Continue reading

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