Howard Zinn is remembered everywhere!



Mariachi student instrument cases alongside a Day of the Dead altar. The donuts inside smelled super good…so we stayed outside.

Bicycling for five miles with no cars, that’s Cyclovia Tucson. Check out cyclists with small dogs in baskets, reminiscent of Dorothy carrying Toto in the Wizard of OZ. Listen to a top-notch youth Mariachi band with young girls belting out Spanish tunes. Look for friends riding recumbents, or parents and kids happily coasting along on their individually fashioned tandems.

Wide streets and a less crowded than usual Cyclovia route made it a perfect morning to ride under the bluest of Tucson blue skies. I had never been to parts of South Tucson where we cycled, along smooth 12th Avenue from 44th Street to Mission Manor Park.

Cyclovia is a place to be seen, too. I wore my Howard Zinn Education Project t-shirt hoping that teachers would check out the informative website. At least six people along the route told me they liked my t-shirt, which on the back said, “History should emphasize new possibilities by disclosing those hidden episodes of the past when people showed their ability to resist, to join together, and occasionally win.” — Howard Zinn, author of “People’s History of the United States”

One young couple pushing their baby in a stroller came over as we ate our Sonoran hot dogs. “Our baby’s middle name is Zinnie after Howard Zinn,” the dad told me.

1029zinn shirt

Above quote is on the back

“How wonderful,” I smiled and said. It pleases me that anywhere I go someone’s life has been influenced by my favorite activist and an incredible human being.



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Grandbaby Justice!

My darling, delightful grandson, Foss, was born on Jan. 21, 2017, the day of the imposter president’s Inauguration. Nothing curtailed our family’s happiness. But it was too bad that horrible historical anomaly overlapped with our glorious family occasion.


Baby Foss

This Saturday, Sept. 28, my son and daughter-in-law will welcome their baby daughter. We hope the imposter president is finally on his way out.


Soon to be four, when baby girl arrives Sept. 28!

Yes, I’m pretty excited about meeting my new granddaughter!

Lurking in the background will be the possibility of accountability — finally — for this lying, crooked, mean-spirited, racist, very sick individual, and incompetent Mafia family now mistakenly sitting in the White House.

I’ve been supporting his impeachment for months, regardless of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hesitation and newspaper opinion pieces stating it would be a bad idea. It could make him more popular prior to the election if more Independents and Republicans feel sorry for him. I don’t think this will happen.

Here are some reasons why Impeachment is the way to go:

  1. I’m aware that the Republican-dominated U.S. Senate includes a bunch of sycophants incapable of doing the right thing. Support  for the president can switch at lightning speed once polls put him in jeopardy of re-election. Republican senators will do anything to retain their cushy jobs, possibly even convict him no matter what they’re saying now.
  2. Pelosi and friends had to do something to uphold the Constitution. The majority of Americans who disdain politics, who are more interested in making a living may listen to the nightly news, take impeachment testimony more to heart, and understand how little this president understands his role. He is in not charge of the equal two other branches of government. He is not above the law!
  3. Some Democrats and pundits are concerned that Impeachment could make trump more popular before the election. “Oh the poor victim,” but there is so much damning evidence against him in this Ukraine debacle.
  4.  Convict him of “high crimes and misdemeanors” such as obstruction of justice, threaten a foreign power to conspire in our presidential election, which already happened in 2016. If he’s thrown out he’s open to criminal indictment. Lock him up!
  5. One Impeachment outcome could be to make more Democrats question Biden’s possible nomination. Would be ok with me. I’m a staunch Elizabeth Warren fan.
  6. What about Pence? OK, I’m an optimist, but following the Impeachment testimony damning his boss, how can he not be implicated? Perhaps trump will blame the whole Ukraine mess on his vice president, who knows?

Enough is enough.

Cleansing my system prepares me to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow, focusing on the beauty of life and love!


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A Navajo concept to live by…

I’m back home in Tucson, following two weeks back east on magnificent Mt. Desert Island, Maine, and nearly a week in cool Minneapolis visiting my son and his beautiful family. We’re awaiting the birth of their daughter. Meanwhile, my super adorable and super verbal nearly three-year-old grandson delighted me nonstop.


Foss hanging out with the bunnies at the Minnesota State Fair

On my one day alone, strolling alone around the Minneapolis Institute of Art, I encountered a Navajo concept new to me. The experience awakened something. Never before had I felt the urge to create art.

        Hozho is a foundational concept in the Navajo world, encompassing ideas of                beauty, harmony, balance, order, grace, health, and happiness. It is a state of                being, thinking, and acting. Navajo artists embody hozho as they weave, and                textiles are imbued with and become works of hozho.



From a stunning exhibit of Navajo rugs at the Minneapolis Institute of Art



So intriguing, this is canvas, again at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Art inspires me but words carry me everywhere.


On my 5 a.m. Lyft ride to the Minneapolis airport yesterday, my driver regaled me the entire way with her son’s paternity issues. He may be the father of four kids, but there was that time they found his girlfriend in bed with another man.

“Forget about your clothes,” she told the guy as he scurried naked past her, pulling his boxers up. “My son is coming after you with a hammer. Run!

“I made him get a paternity test,” she said.

In a way, I would have rather not heard this saga, but it stays with me. Part of my driver’s story portrayed her brother in the same position, fathering four kids, one of whom may not be his. My driver was sanguine about it all. “So what, he’s taken care of all four since birth so he’s their father.” (she may have felt more insistence about her son’s parental responsibility).


I’m so inspired by my son and daughter-in-law’s superb, joyful parenting.

Me, I’m a grandmother enchanted by balance, grace, health, and happiness wherever I  can find it. Hozho is a beautiful concept to live by.


Experiencing Hozho at the glorious, peaceful Rockefeller Gardens in Seal Harbor, Maine







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Nature sustains me in this troubled world

If you think our make-believe president cares about anything but the size of his crowd, think again. Today’s outrage is the travel rejection of two duly elected congresswomen for not making nice with Israel. Keeping out U.S. Reps Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will not help bring peace to the region.

Meanwhile, we’re inundated with daily assaults to any Trump administration credibility, to America’s so-called values, to the future of our nation, to the planet. It’s hard to take.

When I got into a kerfuffle with a friend last night about Israeli policy, which totally inhibits West Bank Palestinians from living free lives, I forgot to tell a crucial story.

For years, arguments rage about a possible two-state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. As associate editor of the Arizona Jewish Post for ten years, I listened to varying opinions.

Once a very nice Orthodox man in his 70s came into my office, a woven yarmulke attached to his hair with bobby pins. Somehow we started talking about Israel; he worried for its safety. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and  said something like, “I worry for everyone’s safety. If Israel truly wants peace why do they continue to build settlements encroaching upon the West Bank?”

“Oh, everyone knows that expansion of the settlements isn’t the problem,” he said, to my utter disbelief.

“What?” I blurted, thinking maybe I heard wrong.

“That will all be taken care of once there’s an adequate peace agreement,” he said. How exactly, I don’t know. Would those Jewish settlers happily give up their homes and move elsewhere? Really?

I’m mad as hell and can’t take it anymore, so I headed to Sabino Canyon where natural beauty always sustains me.


Tucson’s magnificent Sabino Canyon

Tomorrow I’ll head to Mt. Desert Island, Maine, where I spent much of my adult life. The home of Acadia National Park, I’ll return to the North Atlantic, daily summer hikes, spectacular gardens, visits with dear friends,  and at least one Bloody Mary with a lobster claw garnish.

photo 1-2

I’ll post photos!







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A Few Sabino Canyon Snippets

I’m an eavesdropper. I’m curious about other people’s conversations. You might say I’m nosy. Or I’m creative?

Early morning hike in Sabino Canyon, here’s what I heard:

“When I was young I always felt like Superman.”

“I go home, take a shower, and put on my little black sundress.”

“I need to get home and do a lot around the house. Donnie will be here in a few days.”

And, my favorite, a chunky youngish guy stops one of the old volunteer rangers:

“So I’m wondering if you can do anything about this — I’m a federal agent (lifts his t-shirt to show his badge) — I was hiking on the Phoneline trail and there was a very angry, rattling and hissing rattlesnake in the middle of the trail.”

A while later I saw him again. He asked me how to get to the visitors center. When he looked confused, then turned left, I called out, “No, straight ahead.” He must have been from DC.

Any snippets you’ve heard lately that make you wonder about humanity? Did anything you overheard spark an idea for a novel or a children’s book? Where did your imagination take you? Do you listen to other people’s conversations or try not to?

Yes, I’m curious.



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Jimmy Carter, Kamala Harris, Marianne Williamson, and Impeachment: a few notes

Jimmy Carter tells it like it is. We have an illegitimate president, who smiles at Putin, mouthing his joke to not interfere in the 2020 presidential election.
This is disgusting. This president is a traitor. We need to start impeachment proceedings immediately.
Meanwhile…Kamala Harris wowed at the second Dem debate last night. I would love to see her debate the illegitimate president. I would love to see her intimidate the hell out of him.
I ‘m an Elizabeth Warren fan but am now closely watching Kamala, reading about her qualifications beyond being smart and a great storyteller.
No way would I support Marianne Williamson for president but she makes a valid point in a recent tweet:

Marianne Williamson

The main causes of mental illness in America are disconnection from tribe and community, disconnection from nature & disconnection from the arts. In other words, so many of us are sick because the society itself is sick. People are just reflecting back the insanity of our times. 

I agree with that trump’s support among Republicans doesn’t change no matter what outrageous things he says or does.
Would impeachment initiate a sympathy vote to Trump the way it did when President Bill Clinton was impeached in December 1998? I don’t think so. House Speaker Speaker Nancy Pelosi is worried about that. In my view it’s a different situation.
— Impeachment is our constitutionally designated process to warrant investigation of a sitting president and censure him. Trump would not be convicted (removed from office) in a Republican-led U.S. Senate trial.
— This illegitimate president must not get away with obstruction of justice and perjury, which he has participated in throughout his lying presidency.
–Thousands of Americans listen to TV sound bites. They’re too busy with their daily lives, trying to make a living, taking care of their kids, or they don’t care about politics. Many decent, law-abiding citizens don’t know about Trump’s myriad malfeasance, but if they hear evidence-based reporting on TV they may be persuaded to vote against him for a second term.
— Yes, I’m aware that many Americans will simply write off impeachment as a socialist, left-wing Democratic conspiracy against this illegitimate president. I still think impeachment is worth considering.
Perhaps honest Jimmy Carter will soon agree. Perhaps he already has.

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One Man’s Quest to Save Us from Gloom

Jogging up Sabino Canyon a middle-aged African-American man wearing an MLK T-shirt calls out to me, “Hey kiddo, nice to see you today!”

“How are you doing?” I ask.

“Outstanding! Have I told you this one: Why did the raisin take a prune to the prom?”

“Nope, I haven’t heard it.”

“Because he couldn’t find a date.” We both giggle. Fist pump, and he continues jogging, “Good health and happiness to you!”

This smiling man stops to talk with everyone. People are glad to see him. Nearly every time I’m walking in Sabino Canyon, he’s there jogging.


How green is the desert…Sabino Canyon is always a joy to behold.

The world is a beautiful place, wrote Lawrence Ferlinghetti. He’s right. And the people are mostly beautiful, too.

If only world’s most powerful ones were more empathetic, less selfish, more compassionate, less consumed with money, and more willing to save our planet.



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