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Born to Run

Gabby looked tired. She looked sad although she smiled and subjected herself to hundreds of people taking pictures. She was born to run. U.S. Rep. Ron Barber, who won a special election to take her place in the House, noted … Continue reading

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George McGovern: “My Conscience is Clear”

I met Democratic presidential nominee Sen.¬†George McGovern in 1972, when I worked in his campaign in Montana. I didn’t know what to say. “Just keep telling the truth,” I blurted. And he did, that year, and in all the years … Continue reading

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Politics is small, life is big

Driving home from Sunday grocery shopping I was glued to a Radiolab story on NPR. Twenty-one-year-old Alan Lundgard refused to give up on his girlfriend, Emilie Gossiaux, after she was hit by an 18-wheeler truck while riding her bike in … Continue reading

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Vulture Capitalists

I’m worried about the election for the first time in months. Could a disastrously passive 90-minute debate have lost the election for Obama? Did Smokin’ Joe Biden bring us back or hurt the cause in the VP debate on Thursday … Continue reading

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Movies I can dance to

If you enjoy movies that make you think about the big picture, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” is one. “Tree of Life” was hyped last year as the consummate film about the mystery of human history. I found it boring, … Continue reading

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Dear Barack: I’m Flabbergasted

Plenty has been written about your less than lackluster first-debate. Frustrating and depressing for sure. I figure you were so angry you couldn’t speak, and anything you said Romney would respond to with a lie. Of the 67 million people … Continue reading

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