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As Repugnicans have gone completely crazy…

Nope. My political views have become more left of progressive over time.

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Heartsick: Get rid of the f**ing guns!

When Congressional greedy wimps didn’t do anything after Sandy Hook, I gave up on gun law restrictions. I couldn’t stand it. I’m old and couldn’t be sick to my stomach forever. This morning I heard a psychologist on NPR discuss … Continue reading

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A North Country Spring

Bees buzzing ferociously. Birds chirping, alighting from tree to tree. Buds popping up out of nowhere. Mosquitoes and black flies torment us later. We’re safe. I forgot how early spring surprised us in Maine. I left for Tucson in 2002, … Continue reading

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My 2022 Resume!

Check it out on my Resume page…I’m very excited about my new updated look! I’m old but I still want to change the world, and damn it needs a whole lot of changing! Wow! I KNOW shit that I didn’t … Continue reading

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REST AND REFLECTION It’s my 75th birthday. It’s a monumental day. Southwest Harbor, Maine, is home. I’m here for another three weeks before returning to Tucson to pack my art work and photos, special books and dishes, and a few … Continue reading

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Awaiting a Guilty Verdict…I Speak for History

They want you to not believe your eyes, the prosecution said of Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney. That’s right. Throwing every possible cause of George Floyd’s death into the mix ought to make jury members more disbelieving. Carbon monoxide poisoning. Drug … Continue reading

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To follow or observe, that is the question

I had an epiphany about politics at the Natural Grocer. On a mundane errand to purchase the purest water, Bunny brand organic carrots, and blueberry oat flakes, it happened. Finding a parking place near Barrio Bread always takes time. Emerging … Continue reading

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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

I’m feeling oddly celebratory today. Maybe it’s because a mountain of stressful chaos has been hurled from our national shoulders. But there’s more… Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, all yummy food and no religion. Maybe it’s because … Continue reading

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A Somewhat Entertaining Political Dream

A typical Tucson blue sky sparkles above us. Sipping a glass of Prosecco with a few friends at a pop-up patio restaurant. Other twos and threes sit socially distanced at their tables, respectful of our limited lives during this never-ending … Continue reading

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Howard Zinn is remembered everywhere!

  Bicycling for five miles with no cars, that’s Cyclovia Tucson.¬†Check out cyclists with small dogs in baskets, reminiscent of Dorothy carrying Toto in the Wizard of OZ. Listen to a top-notch youth Mariachi band with young girls belting out … Continue reading

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