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If it’s good enough for my kid…

Then, and only then, is it good enough for yours…otherwise blah, blah, blah. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) decides that his kid should have the same opportunity to love someone and make a commitment like the senator and his wife have … Continue reading

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Kurt Vonnegut says it all

I’ve became a mini-patron of the arts. Here and there I pick up real artwork that adds to the personality of our home. I was in Houston visiting Ethan and Steph when we came across this comic-book style poster/print of … Continue reading

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Mysterious woman slinks through Topkapi palace

Wish I were a fiction writer. A mysterious woman poses in every room in Istanbul’s magnificent Topkapi palace. Click, click. A photographer follows her. I watch. She doesn’t change her expression, which is devoid of emotion.  She’s a celebrity or … Continue reading

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Moving forward into herstory…

Yes, I’m still basking in the afterglow of the Tucson Festival of Books. We celebrate the written word, ideas, stories at the festival. But lots of people do their celebrating  by listening to books on tape, or reading books on … Continue reading

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Hanging out at the Tucson Festival of Books

You know how certain subjects help organize periods of your life, like who your boyfriend was, what kind of car you drove or places you’ve lived? Now that the Tucson Festival of Books is in its fifth year it has … Continue reading

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