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Are Congressional Republicans akin to potted plants? How about Wyoming Republicans?

Here we are in Casper, Wyoming, the state most supportive of Trump. Sipping on a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, eating dill salmon salad sitting in a half avocado, I survey the scene at J’s Pub and Grille. Nice … Continue reading

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The past is never past

“Great minds think alike,” the woman said to me. With iPhones held high, we were both walking toward the desert century plant in the parking lot. About to hop in my car after Pilates class, the tall stalk of the … Continue reading

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Neshama Carlebach: Soul-singing rock ‘n’ roll

This week I read that Neshama Carlebach is one of the world’s leading Jewish entertainers. I never heard of her before she came to Tucson. I may have thought of Woody Allen as a Jewish entertainer; his primarily Jewish humor often … Continue reading

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Rock ‘n Roll is here to stay

I never saw “The Last Waltz” before today. Dan and many other folks say it’s the best rockumentary ever made. It was 1976 when Martin Scorsese interviewed and directed The Band’s last concert in San Francisco, with such rock/blues icons … Continue reading

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Comon’ baby light my fire

Jim Morrison, the legendary Doors lead singer, was pardoned by the state of Florida for supposed “indecent acts” that occurred 40 years ago at one of his “raucous” concerts. Why does outgoing Florida Gov. Charlie Crist care about  forgiving Morrison … Continue reading

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“Life” by Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones have been with me for a long time. For most of my life I regretted — along with not getting a PhD. —  the void, never having seen the legendary rock band live. Then I turned 60. … Continue reading

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