Empathy is the key: Obama will win

Give the prez a second term! I contend there may be a silver lining in his numerous attempts at compromise. If we look closely enough he’s a guy who can empathize. He doesn’t have the stomach for the mean-spirited politics thrown his way, much of it growling racism. And now the Republican presidential candidates are eating their young. They’ve been so mean for so long that they can’t help savaging each other.

Mitt Romney is slipping and sliding all over the place in addition to extreme flip-flopping. What, Mitt’s been afraid of getting a pink slip? Enjoys firing people who provide services but don’t live up to his standards? Does he promise to never again strap his dog to the family car on a vacation trip to Canada? He can’t even empathize with his dog, let alone understand the pain of a real working person who can’t find a job. Pink slip, my ass.

Remember when former Texas Gov. Ann Richards quipped that George Bush the first was born with a silver spoon in his mouth? That’s no less true for Mitt.

Last night, I listened to his New Hampshire primary victory speech for a few minutes, but turned it off as soon as he started blabbing about Obama’s “failed presidency.” Here’s an appropriate retort for Democrats: how about the failed Republican Congress with its approval rating of 9 percent?

If you can’t take the serious stuff, check out the Borowitz Report, which will definitely keep me laughing during this election year:

JANUARY 11, 2012

Romney Vows to Undo Everything Obama Has Done: ‘I Will Make Bin Laden Alive Again’

Calls Slain al-Qaeda Leader a Job Creator

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