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Success=3x a week

Today I bought a bottle of Prosecco to kindly usher out 2016. The year included Sheila’s Excellent Adventure to the other side of the world back in May, as well as tons of political slime. If I dredge up the … Continue reading

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Standing on the corner in Tucson, Arizona

Dreadlocks. A young guy holding a sign. Seeing him from across the street, I figured his sign said something like, “Need to get to Santa Fe by Christmas day.” I was wrong. Instead, drivers or walkers leaving the El Con … Continue reading

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Sitting in my car, listening to Barack Obama (*please read to the end.)

I had meant to go grocery shopping. As NPR came on the radio, I heard Barack Obama’s eloquent voice, and a realization struck me: This could be his last news conference as president. I started taking notes on my shopping … Continue reading

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