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Hugging Saguaros

I love being in Tucson, where the saguaros welcome us on the edge of Gates Pass. The mornings have been chilly. But by noon the sun shines down on the back patio. A trickling waterfall soothes me with one of … Continue reading

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As Repugnicans have gone completely crazy…

Nope. My political views have become more left of progressive over time.

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Every Picture — and Road Trip — Tells a Story

Heading out of Minnesota Wednesday morning reminded me of the precarious black ice that threatened new young drivers on their way to and from Mt. Desert Island High School. “Watch out for black ice” was my constant winter warning. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Serving Up Democracy

It’s the questions, Stupid! Back in Bill Clinton’s day it was “It’s the economy, Stupid! That’s not the case anymore. We’ve gotten ourselves mucked up with too much political hypocrisy, lies, and general incompetence. (Look at Herschel Walker, an incompetent … Continue reading

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November 22, 1984

I was one of the lucky ones. I lived in modern times. It wasn’t easy opting for an abortion on Nov. 22, 1984. That day wasn’t a happy one. It emphasized another reason to dislike that November day, the first … Continue reading

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International Menopause Day!

Stunned as I listened to NPR the other day. Yes, It was International Menopause Day! Who woulda thunk it?! Corporation heads and business people lamented missed opportunities to help their employees traverse menopause — mood swings, hot flashes, and the … Continue reading

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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime, Part 2

Where we stayed on our trip to Olympic National Park took us from Forks, Washington to Port Angeles, Washington in one week. In Forks, our tiny house on wheels was strange: no tissues; no indoor rugs; no place to put … Continue reading

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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime, Part 1

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than s/he seeks.” John Muir So it is in nature, and sometimes in everyday life. So it was with our week in Olympic National Park. Not all of the week. What … Continue reading

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People Who Need People

The Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron advises us to cultivate curiosity, to promote loving kindness in ourselves so that we extend it to others. Even to strangers, which is why I smile or say hello to the most disheveled people walking … Continue reading

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Kansas, Oh Kansas!

We’re steeped in Doublespeak. In the late 1970s I gave a talk at the Southwest Harbor Library on George Orwell’s “1984,” a prescient masterpiece that I’ve taught to high school students. Did I ever imagine that historical lies would become … Continue reading

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