Election night was just right

Most Americans are sensible, decent folks, that’s what I think. So here’s my prediction: with all the yelling and nastiness, do-nothing obstructionist Republicans in Congress, and overreach of social conservatives trying to snatch people’s rights, President Obama will win re-eclection in 2012.

Maybe he’ll dive into his legacy, stand his ground for what he knows is right. Inequality doesn’t work; it brings everyone down.

Yesterday, across the country, voters refused to bow to bizarro Republican legislation and the anti-women — not pro-life — referendum in Mississippi. Even if a woman’s life was at stake, no abortion. Period. Personhood at conception? Show me a fertilized egg that goes to school, plays a musical instrument or does Zumba, and maybe then I’ll go along with such nonsense. My friend Mimi the fertilized egg…

Voted down 58 to 42 percent.

Leading Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney told former Arkansas governor Mike Hucklebee in an interview that he would “absolutely” vote for the Mississippi personhood referendum.  Let’s see how Romney flip-flops out of this one.

In Ohio, the electorate rescinded anti-collective bargaining legislation for public workers by a 61 to 39 percent vote. Maine returned to allowing voter registration on Election day. And here in Arizona, Republican State Senator Russell Pearce went down to defeat in a recall vote.

Pearce was the architect of the unconstitutional AZ SB1070, directing police to stop “suspicious-looking” (read: brown) people to check ID for U.S. citizenship. On tonight’s MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show, our Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva said, “Without Russell Pearce I don’t know what [Gov.] Jan Brewer will do. She won’t have anyone to take directions from.”

In Tucson, we have a new Democratic mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, a real nice progressive guy, a poet and an attorney. He wants to improve education in the city, go more green, encourage clean businesses to locate here, and help uplift the place his family has called home for three generations. We’ll see what he can do in his first 100 days. I’ll interview him and get back to you.

It’s good to hear some good news in politics. Don’t let the mean-spirited screamers fool you.

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2 Responses to Election night was just right

  1. Your words, and the outcomes of last night’s elections, thus the implications you describe, make my heart want to dance. Thank you, gracias, merci beaucoup!

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