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Tucson Festival of Books: Return of my Past

Should I have gone to law school? Making the decision to not attend Vermont Law School, when Brook was 2 years old, wasn’t easy. I can let it go now, even as I listened to the brilliant and very funny … Continue reading

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Hanging out at the Tucson Festival of Books

You know how certain subjects help organize periods of your life, like who your boyfriend was, what kind of car you drove or places you’ve lived? Now that the Tucson Festival of Books is in its fifth year it has … Continue reading

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Crash, smash, get going again

Wednesday morning around 9:15 a.m.: Hmm…another iced coffee with soy milk? But then I would have to drive up Dodge, wait at that long light crossing River on my way to work. Alvernon is faster. Weekday mundane thoughts as I … Continue reading

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No more crapola

Last year’s birthday present to myself was a MacBook Air. I had lusted after one since they first came out — the sleekness, the silverness, the speed. Dan only had to watch me with my new toy for a day … Continue reading

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The inconvenient truth about education

I needed a large iced coffee to head to the Loft Cinema on a sunshiny Saturday morning  a movie, a documentary at that.  “The Inconvenient Truth behind Waiting for Superman” was too New Yorky, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some … Continue reading

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Tucson Festival of Books Afterglow

When I come to the last sentence of a book I’ve loved, there’s a little sadness and quiet exhilaration. I sigh. I sit quietly. I may say wow or dang that was good!  Today I had all those feelings. And … Continue reading

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Like a snowflake…Noam Chomsky

I’ve been reeling from my heavy-duty Noam Chomsky experience: to write or not to write, my responsibility as an educator, my loyalty to the ’60s and my mentor Howard Zinn, the need for more open-mindedness in the world, speaking the … Continue reading

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Oh, the places you’ll go

Wherever you go around Tucson today there are congratulatory signs to University of Arizona grads, whisking me back to my own college graduation. It’s 1968, and I’m sitting next to my first real boyfriend, among 2,000 plus other College of … Continue reading

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Sharing the pain, part I

One thing that came across loud and clear at last week’s Schorr Family Forum, held at the University of Arizona’s Centennial Hall, is that it’s time for mental illness to emerge from hiding, and that it’s called illness for a … Continue reading

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Three funny stories, but not the funniest ever

There I was, naked in the Jewish Community Center locker room post-Zumba class and shower. A young woman ran into the room announcing “Sheila Wilensky is writing a story on kids’ fitness for the Post.” “Uh, that’s me,” I said … Continue reading

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