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Coffeeeeed up and/or how my brain works

“I’m going to Occupy Wall Street in New York,” I blurted as the cheerful guy at the coffee drive-thru handed me my glass of iced buzz. But it’s not just coffee that gets me going. “Are you leaving now?” he … Continue reading

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“Dopey Ideas”

Apparently Steve Jobs had some “dopey ideas,” says Walter Isaacson, his only sanctioned biographer. But Jobs had mostly good ones. He said that the way states certify textbook adoption is “corrupt.” He was right about that. Jobs also didn’t want … Continue reading

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An October evening out

It’s now possible to sit outdoors for a happy hour without melting, this one with Julie and Penny at Lodge on the Desert. From 4-6 the bar menu and certain drinks are half price. I opted for the prickly pear … Continue reading

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“We who believe in freedom…”

What year was that American Booksellers Convention? Was it in D.C. when I was invited to an intimate concert with “Sweet Honey in the Rock?” My memory may be spotty but I can picture around 100 of us. I brought my … Continue reading

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Saltwater caramel gelato and Buddhist Thai food

Every October thousands of folks head to City Hall plaza, partaking in what is lovingly called “Tucson Eat Yourself.” It’s a three-day celebration of Southwestern cultures, but mostly it’s about food. I had the day off from work so I … Continue reading

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Fear-mongering among the 1 percent/Promoting innovation among the rest of us

C’mon, New York Times columnist and Princeton University economist Paul Krugman isn’t some flaming radical; he’s one of the intelligentsia. But that’s part of the  fear-mongering that’s rampant: Mistrust those smart guys. What do they know? They’re not like us. Are the super-rich … Continue reading

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A New-ish Year

May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life by whoever does the inscribing. May we dip apple slices in honey, munching and crunching, smiling and saying to those we love, “Life is sweet.” May we curl up on … Continue reading

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Being Jew-ish

No High Holiday services for me but here’s what I did in addition to having days off from work. Dipped pieces of apple in honey to assure a sweet new year, took a morning for reflection and writing with my … Continue reading

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