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Nature sustains me in this troubled world

If you think our make-believe president cares about anything but the size of his crowd, think again. Today’s outrage is the travel rejection of two duly elected congresswomen for not making nice with Israel. Keeping out U.S. Reps Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan … Continue reading

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Cyclovia Tucson… Decorated bikes, no cars, happy cycling!

Hundreds of people whooping it up with no annoying cars driving too close. Small children on tag-along bikes with their dads, kids proud as they could be. Colorful fake flowers arranged on bike baskets, shimmering streamers flowing from bike helmets. … Continue reading

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A poetic salad

“Don’t worry Sheila, you’ll get to eat,” Candice tells me. We’re drinking tea in her kitchen, talking about relationships, writing, organic produce, Portugal, friendship, the world scene. I’ve been back home in Tucson for a week. As always, my visit … Continue reading

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Literacy above water!

Somes Pond — named after the first settler of the village of Somesville on Mount Desert Island — has the most velvety water for cooling off on a hot day. It was 93 degrees here on Saturday. Downtown Southwest Harbor … Continue reading

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Early morning light on Seawall Road

I’m not an early riser. But at 4:30 a.m. the birds start singing, lobster boats hum past my bedroom window as they leave the harbor, and the dark night sky awakens. I can’t help myself; it’s too beautiful for my … Continue reading

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“Island Boy” blue day

Oh Barbara Cooney, I miss you. It all comes back to me here on Mount Desert Island, growing up with Brook and Ethan, running Oz Books, all my dear friends and wonderful community. I remember Barbara’s sense of humor, the … Continue reading

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My father’s daughter

I don’t know if my father really liked plants and nature, or if he just fell into the floral business by birth. My father, Sidney Edward Wilensky, was the son of Jacob Wilensky, who peddled fruits and vegetables on the … Continue reading

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To use or not to use

I’m not talking about drugs. “Doesn’t Twitter, Facebook, and blogging sound like bad sex?” my friend in Maine asked on the phone the other day. “Do you want to blog? No, I don’t want to blog with you!” would be … Continue reading

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What, not Arizona?

Why do I live in a state that’s last in per capita spending on education, second only to Mississippi in poverty, against ethnic studies and supposedly  pro-refugee (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/09/us/09refugees.html ) but passed the loathsome SB 1070? There are plenty of loony … Continue reading

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Geography of the Heart

It’s foggy and cold outside, but I’m warm in the Common Good Cafe, gazing at the ocean at Seawall in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Tomorrow I’ll return to sunny Tucson. I moved from winter ice, snow and darkness on Mount Desert … Continue reading

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