Nature sustains me in this troubled world

If you think our make-believe president cares about anything but the size of his crowd, think again. Today’s outrage is the travel rejection of two duly elected congresswomen for not making nice with Israel. Keeping out U.S. Reps Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will not help bring peace to the region.

Meanwhile, we’re inundated with daily assaults to any Trump administration credibility, to America’s so-called values, to the future of our nation, to the planet. It’s hard to take.

When I got into a kerfuffle with a friend last night about Israeli policy, which totally inhibits West Bank Palestinians from living free lives, I forgot to tell a crucial story.

For years, arguments rage about a possible two-state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. As associate editor of the Arizona Jewish Post for ten years, I listened to varying opinions.

Once a very nice Orthodox man in his 70s came into my office, a woven yarmulke attached to his hair with bobby pins. Somehow we started talking about Israel; he worried for its safety. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and  said something like, “I worry for everyone’s safety. If Israel truly wants peace why do they continue to build settlements encroaching upon the West Bank?”

“Oh, everyone knows that expansion of the settlements isn’t the problem,” he said, to my utter disbelief.

“What?” I blurted, thinking maybe I heard wrong.

“That will all be taken care of once there’s an adequate peace agreement,” he said. How exactly, I don’t know. Would those Jewish settlers happily give up their homes and move elsewhere? Really?

I’m mad as hell and can’t take it anymore, so I headed to Sabino Canyon where natural beauty always sustains me.


Tucson’s magnificent Sabino Canyon

Tomorrow I’ll head to Mt. Desert Island, Maine, where I spent much of my adult life. The home of Acadia National Park, I’ll return to the North Atlantic, daily summer hikes, spectacular gardens, visits with dear friends,  and at least one Bloody Mary with a lobster claw garnish.

photo 1-2

I’ll post photos!







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