Geography of the Heart

It’s foggy and cold outside, but I’m warm in the Common Good Cafe, gazing at the ocean at Seawall in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Tomorrow I’ll return to sunny Tucson. I moved from winter ice, snow and darkness on Mount Desert Island to the  Southwestern Saguaro Desert eight years ago. No more black ice driving across Eagle Lake Road coming from a movie at Reel Pizza in Bar Harbor. Woo hoo!

A new career, new friends and a new love. How many other women in their 50s have done the same? Our hearts seem to crave change, but I was struck by a comment I heard recently: “Change is overrated.”

I haven’t changed. I’ve evolved.

Eight years ago, I quit my teaching job at Mount Desert Island High School, took off for Danskinetics/yoga dance teacher training at Kripalu in Lenox, Mass., then drove cross-country  with my most precious belongings.

Arriving in Tucson at sunset on Sept. 25 — my daughter Brook’s 25th birthday — I quietly said to myself, “No matter what happens, I did it.”

On my Facebook page, my current city is Tucson, Arizona; my hometown is Southwest Harbor, Maine. My two homes/lives continually merge. Last Saturday we celebrated Brook’s 33rd birthday here, all under one roof, coming from different lives, sharing the same history.

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