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You never know…Small World Stories II

The former “Voice of Portland (Maine)” turned 68 on Friday. We were guests at his birthday party here in Tucson. I didn’t know him when I lived in Maine but his wife performed in Abrams and Abramson, a comedy duo … Continue reading

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My house was me and I was it…

That’s no longer true. This morning marked the closing for my SWH home. My realtor says the new owners are wonderful people, hard-working, not the typical rich folks who buy second homes on Mt. Desert Island, and apparently, they’re planning … Continue reading

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My Amigas

Sometimes if I can’t fall asleep I count all my women friends, strong, independent, smart, funny friends, some of whom I’ve known for more than 40 years. One I’ve known since kindergarten. New amigas are precious too. I’ve enjoyed a … Continue reading

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Ashley’s Imponderables, tempered by beauty and love

Author/artist Ashley Bryan turned 94 last month. We’ve been friends for nearly 40 years, and I can honestly say I’ve never known anyone like Ashley. And Oh, if only the world were populated more human beings like him, for you … Continue reading

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Turning 70…by plane, by car, by boat, and on my own two feet (part 3)

Determined to not be on planes and in airports nonstop, I studied a map of Europe. The ultimate goal of “Sheila’s Excellent Adventure” was to visit Ethan and Steph in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (Watch for my story in the November issue … Continue reading

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Kisses to the world, ‘Optum’ to Turkey

“Oy Vey’Izmir” (a type of desert kvetch), says Jordan, when I ask what part of Turkey Buket’s from. I wish I had snapped a photo of these two young folks sitting next to us this morning at our Frank’s breakfast. … Continue reading

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Tucson Festival of Books: Return of my Past

Should I have gone to law school? Making the decision to not attend Vermont Law School, when Brook was 2 years old, wasn’t easy. I can let it go now, even as I listened to the brilliant and very funny … Continue reading

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