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Book Power in Minneapolis

Walking around Lake of the Isles last week I pulled my scarf up over my mouth. I’d never done that before but that’s how they do here. I’m starting to feel like a local, as my scarf blocked the cold … Continue reading

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Tucson Festival of Books: Return of my Past

Should I have gone to law school? Making the decision to not attend Vermont Law School, when Brook was 2 years old, wasn’t easy. I can let it go now, even as I listened to the brilliant and very funny … Continue reading

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Cyclovia Tucson… Decorated bikes, no cars, happy cycling!

Hundreds of people whooping it up with no annoying cars driving too close. Small children on tag-along bikes with their dads, kids proud as they could be. Colorful fake flowers arranged on bike baskets, shimmering streamers flowing from bike helmets. … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle of books: Texas here I come!

Growing up in Connecticut didn’t stop me from imagining Texas just over the next hill. “Daddy, is that Texas?” I frequently asked my father on our Sunday rides to Blackie’s for hot dogs and chocolate milk. I don’t recall wanting … Continue reading

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A poetic salad

“Don’t worry Sheila, you’ll get to eat,” Candice tells me. We’re drinking tea in her kitchen, talking about relationships, writing, organic produce, Portugal, friendship, the world scene. I’ve been back home in Tucson for a week. As always, my visit … Continue reading

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Early morning light on Seawall Road

I’m not an early riser. But at 4:30 a.m. the birds start singing, lobster boats hum past my bedroom window as they leave the harbor, and the dark night sky awakens. I can’t help myself; it’s too beautiful for my … Continue reading

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A life of words

Sometimes I forget that I owned a bookstore. People came into Oz Books because they trusted our reading suggestions, our “homey knowledge,” as the Oz bookmark said. There was the parent who followed me around the store wanting to know … Continue reading

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Anonymous benefactor continued: OZ Literacy Fund

Oz Books closed on March 17, 1997. My still unknown anonymous benefactor decided to set up a nonprofit for me to run so I could continue providing literacy programs on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I found out my “guardian angel” … Continue reading

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No more crapola

Last year’s birthday present to myself was a MacBook Air. I had lusted after one since they first came out — the sleekness, the silverness, the speed. Dan only had to watch me with my new toy for a day … Continue reading

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Going forward, remembering my anonymous benefactor

It’s been a while. I’m starting a big writing project, no, continuing a project I’ve been working on my whole life. Here’s my request: if I tell snippets of a story will you let me know what questions you have, … Continue reading

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