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A woman president in my lifetime…and lilacs too

It’s about time. Even if a smart, compassionate woman president won’t have any more power with an obstructionist Congress than a smart, compassionate male president, we need a woman president. And I want to see one in my lifetime. I … Continue reading

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A Mother’s moments

Years ago I would fall asleep calculating — when Brook is 8, Ethan will be 5, when Brook is 28, Ethan will be 25. Now Brook is 35 and Ethan is 32. Somehow the years have flown by, and I’m … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day/Reading Day

We went out for breakfast. I spoke to Brook and Ethan; nothing else matters on Mother’s Day. I wished a few dear friends and Dan’s wonderful mom a happy day. Then I read. First the Sunday NYTimes — Week in … Continue reading

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