Mother’s Day/Reading Day

We went out for breakfast. I spoke to Brook and Ethan; nothing else matters on Mother’s Day. I wished a few dear friends and Dan’s wonderful mom a happy day. Then I read.

First the Sunday NYTimes — Week in Review all about ObL/Pakistan, an article about the aging Boston Celtics, and a blurb about the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s current production of “Julius Caesar,” who’s played by a woman. I’d like to see that; we’ll be traveling through Ashland, Oregon. Maybe…

My niece Amy recommended “The Hunger Games,” a young adult title by Suzanne Collins. I call it political science fiction, like one of my all-time favorite chapter books, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.

“It’s violent,” Amy told us, “but like nothing you’ve ever read.” It reminds me of “Divided Kingdom,” a grown-up, little known fabulous read but Rupert Thomson (I’ve probably mentioned it before). I already got the second of Collins’ trilogy out of the library for seamless continuity, to see where her saga about war — “for adolescents” — takes us. See what happens to our doomed society. Maybe she has a solution. I hope so.

Then there’s “The Love of my Youth,” the new novel by Mary Gordon. I started it but can’t say it’s drawing me in.

I’m also reading “Under the Banner of Heaven. A Story of Violent Faith” by Jon Krakauer for my book group. I balked after the very violent first 60 pages, but the person who chose the book assured me that there’s more to it, that it’s fascinating. All those Mormon gold tablets, Joseph Smith sticking his face into a hat to get the word is just plain wacky. And this book isn’t even about regular Mormons. I found a used copy at Bookman’s. It was was shelved in the true crime section. But I’m reading it because I want to be a good book club member. Yes, it’s riveting, although I’ve had to skip a few sections.

Then there’s the “Minders of Make-Believe: Idealists, Entrepreneurs, and the Shaping of American Children’s Literature” by Leonard Marcus. Great title, I wanted to confirm a few facts for my forthcoming article in Publishers Weekly. Still working on it. It could be a book!

Dusk. Birds singing outside my window. Gardenia flower fragrance wafting through the room. I’m going to finish “The Hunger Games” tonight.

I always long for reading days with a big bowl of popcorn nearby. I’m happy that I’ll see Brook in Maine for her first book event at the Southwest Harbor Public Library (July 14, 7 p.m.!). Hoping Ethan will be there too. That’s what Mother’s Day is for.

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