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Fake News!!!

That’s what the crook in the White House says…is anything in the news ever true? Not to him. Only Fox News. I picture him lounging on a gold-bordered couch in the WH living quarters, still donning his pajamas at midday, … Continue reading

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Angry at the New York Times

My DNA harbors waves of repressed anger. Sometimes it emerges without my authority. Sometimes it pops out long after any seeming cause, like this: “I’m still incensed by the ridiculous, CONTINUOUS front-page stories about Hillary’s emails during the 2016 presidential … Continue reading

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Arizona goes purple

Maybe I’m a little naive about politics. I’m an optimist. Genius political statistician Nate Silver calls Arizona for Romney by a whopping 89 percent; at the same time Arizona keeps getting less red on his state-by-state map. Then there’s Democrat … Continue reading

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It’s been a good Sunday, rain and all

Back east, I’d say what a dreary day. But here in Tucson the rainy grayness is so unusual, especially on a Sunday. It felt delicious heading to the living room couch with a cozy blanket and the New York Times. … Continue reading

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Teach your children well

I just couldn’t do it. Teaching seems like the job from hell these days. Bullying, test scores, no child left a dime, school prayer, and now technology as GOD. And I’m not a luddite. It all seems so sensible, smaller … Continue reading

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From sea to shining sea

The Pacific is majestic, stretching across the horizon islandless for thousands of miles. Perched above the Pacific in our little “Shag’s Nest” cabin in Yachats, Oregon, I watch the changing tides, the black volcanic rock — oh could that be … Continue reading

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Geraldine Ferraro (1935-2011)

It was 1984. How proud I was that a woman was finally nominated as vice president. How excited I was to hear Geraldine Ferraro speak at an authors’ breakfast at the American Booksellers Convention that year. I was bad. She … Continue reading

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Why do things happen the way they do?

I was ready for bed. Washed my face, brushed my teeth. Better check nytimes.com one more time. Who knows what might have happened? There it is. A story about a Brooklyn man who went on a stabbing rampage tonight. Frightens … Continue reading

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Big sigh of relief

It’s been a busy and difficult week. Gabby has opened both eyes and even given her husband, Mark Kelly, a back rub or a neck rub, depending on whether you believe the New York Times or the Arizona Daily Star. … Continue reading

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My friend Kathleen

Kathleen retired at around 40 from a high-level executive position with a major hi-tech company. She told me that she was a real hard-ass, didn’t have much compassion for employees who wanted to stay home with a sick family member. … Continue reading

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