My Amigas

Sometimes if I can’t fall asleep I count all my women friends, strong, independent, smart, funny friends, some of whom I’ve known for more than 40 years. One I’ve known since kindergarten.

New amigas are precious too. I’ve enjoyed a procession of social gatherings since returning to Tucson from Maine in late August. It’s important for me to re-establish connections here.

Looking forward to meeting up with my friend Suzi this morning; when I arrived at the designated breakfast spot she was already seated. Time to go came all too soon: we talked about our grandchildren (we each have one), progressive politics and what we can do, how much we were both enjoying our avocado toast, and lots more.

We both stood up. For a minute I considered whether my eyes were playing a trick on me. IMG_0850











I bought my new happy sandals yesterday. She purchased hers a while back. Whatever, this was an amazing coincidence for two women who have so much in common.

My house in Maine and my dear women friends there have been on my mind.

Closing date for the sale of my Southwest Harbor home will be Oct. 6. Yikes! How bittersweet. But I know it’s time. It will be a relief to have savings so I can live comfortably for at least another decade.

Exotic travel! No more renters! No more expensive repairs! No worries about the lobsterman renting out rooms to young women running out early in the morning, or the pipes freezing during a hellish winter!

I’m not returning to Southwest Harbor for the closing. Dear friends and the most fabulous next-door neighbor in the world will help oversee the removal of furniture, stuff, and more stuff. My friends will stop by to choose books off my many bookshelves, momentos of the good vibes, fun times, tears shed, millions of words written, numerous potlucks, and happy moments celebrated together on 165 Seawall Road these past 25 years.

A house is a house. I’ll always have my fabulous friends.




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1 Response to My Amigas

  1. SHEILA M LEPLEY says:

    Wah wah, sorry to hear your news re selling the home which has given you so much happiness. You may find great relief after the sale for all of the reasons you mentioned. As for the shoes, well guess what!!??!! I have the exact same pair which I bought earlier this year. Mine are blue and I enjoy wearing them. Shana Tovah

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