Almost in Maine

Beating my man three straight times at Bananagrams was a good sign. Unheard of! I taught him how to play and he took off, beating me all the time. Training for game nights on our upcoming week with my kids in Southwest Harbor worked.

Meanwhile, here in the big city, walking in my man’s Linden Hills neighborhood, delights me with myriad gardens and even some art.

Spoke to the creator of this woman beckoning the other night…

Gorgeous purple irises. But I’m ready for the wild ones by the ocean while walking along Ship Harbor.

Linden Hills irises

I’m ready for Maine.

Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying more of Minnesota, venturing out of Minneapolis to learn about the rest of one the two GOOD M STATES.

Driving down Highway 61, the mighty Mississippi on our left, I marveled at plateaus in the distance. Like I haven’t seen since leaving the Southwest. Except these were so green. From far away they could have been covered with trees or moss. They could have been velvet.

On our way to the Minnesota Marine Museum in Winona [“Don’t Forget Winona;” what song is that from? I can’t remember. OK, I’ll turn 76 soon].

The Mighty Mississippi

I had no idea that two hours from the Twin Cities an art museum of such caliber existed. I was already in love with the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

So much beauty connected to water: a Jamie Wyeth ocean landscape with a giant seagull screeching in our faces; a Mary Cassatt portrait of a girly girl reading, a brook flowing out the window behind her; even a vibrant Marc Chagall love painting, with some body of water I couldn’t identify.

Impressions of Water: Prints by Clara Ueland not to be missed — depicting the Boundary Waters, so Zen, so lovely. All the steps going into her work were astounding. Such patience.

Still, I need more nature: Wonder Land, Cedar Spring Mountain, low tide islands in Southwest Harbor. And it’s June, my favorite month!

Ship Harbor

Twelve more days. My dear friend Claire, who will pick me up at the Portland Airport on June 12, says the green “is so nice and soft and inspiring in June.” By the end of summer, “the green is just too much!”

With the exploding green, I’m wondering what to expect this year on Mt. Desert Island: new restaurants, visits with dear friends, a women’s group meeting?

MDI pals: Anyone know of a sailboat we can rent for an afternoon? Two of my big kids are expert sailors, or perhaps a sailboat with a captain? Please let me know…

I’m trying to schedule a few activities for big kids, little kids, my man and me, for our week in an old friend’s magnificent home by the harbor. Hiking, sailing, enjoying delicious seafood dinners and one Thurston’s lobster feast, even perhaps winning at Bananagrams once or twice.

I can’t wait.

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2 Responses to Almost in Maine

  1. Dan Cobbledick says:

    The song is about Route 66, although the title eludes me too, and I think the Winona in question is in Arizona (for the rhyme).

    — OK fine. Planes with their high-tech ventilation systems are now reasonably safe from COVID concerns. You know what is a lot less safe? Airports. If you can board your plane somewhere other than an airport, knock yourself out.

  2. sydvinflynn says:

    Nice essay.Somehow we get the feeling you are looking forward to Maine!

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