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No more crapola

Last year’s birthday present to myself was a MacBook Air. I had lusted after one since they first came out — the sleekness, the silverness, the speed. Dan only had to watch me with my new toy for a day … Continue reading

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Going forward, remembering my anonymous benefactor

It’s been a while. I’m starting a big writing project, no, continuing a project I’ve been working on my whole life. Here’s my request: if I tell snippets of a story will you let me know what questions you have, … Continue reading

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A New-ish Year

May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life by whoever does the inscribing. May we dip apple slices in honey, munching and crunching, smiling and saying to those we love, “Life is sweet.” May we curl up on … Continue reading

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Home sweet Maine home

It’s been a week since I drove onto Mount Desert Island, my former home for 25 years, now my second home. That’s right, I have a second home in Southwest Harbor, Maine. When I owned Oz Books vacationers came in … Continue reading

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Genevieve Ferguson (1917-2011)

“Oh sit by me dear. Tell me about Tucson and your life…” Gen was elegant. She loved art. She loved music and beauty and surrounded herself with beautiful things. I’m sure they all meant something to her, and recalled her … Continue reading

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Geraldine Ferraro (1935-2011)

It was 1984. How proud I was that a woman was finally nominated as vice president. How excited I was to hear Geraldine Ferraro speak at an authors’ breakfast at the American Booksellers Convention that year. I was bad. She … Continue reading

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To speak or not to speak

On my walk yesterday morning I passed a young man, probably an African immigrant, starting his day. He’s leaving his sleeping spot, carrying lots of blankets and a water bottle. We pass each other quietly. I wonder if he recognizes … Continue reading

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