Why do things happen the way they do?

I was ready for bed. Washed my face, brushed my teeth. Better check nytimes.com one more time. Who knows what might have happened?

There it is. A story about a Brooklyn man who went on a stabbing rampage tonight. Frightens me because my 30-year-old son, Ethan, now lives in Brooklyn. The suspect’s name sounds Russian. I scan the article for names of the victims. Ethan speaks Russian, I think to myself, for no apparent reason.

Geez, I hope they catch this guy so he doesn’t hurt any other innocent people.(As sad as any crime is I’m a mother so I’m relieved when my grown-up kids appear to be safe).

I scan to the bottom of the story and there it is: Ethan Wilensky-Lanford contributed reporting.

Ethan is a stringer at the Times metro desk. He has been on and off for about six years, while he was getting his master’s degree in journalism at Columbia, and in Central Asia.

Not unusual but a giant coincidence!

And get this, Ethan just sent an email saying he’s heading back to “Little Russia” tomorrow to do a follow-up.

Oh my god, can you believe it?

Makes me think (so many things do). All of a sudden Egypt is without its dictator of the last 30 years. My day as a journalist/assistant editor of the Arizona Jewish Post landed me two stimulating and moving interviews. But that’s another story, actually two stories that I’ll start writing at work on Monday.

Love to Ethan. Down with crime. Up with freedom and joy to Egyptians and unhappy people in Brooklyn.

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1 Response to Why do things happen the way they do?

  1. Ester Leutenberg says:

    GO ETHAN!!!

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