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Another Tempest in Arizona

My East Coast friends often ask how I can live in Arizona. Good question. Sunshine helps a lot. Here’s the latest controversy — ethnic studies/book censorship. In the wake of this uproar there’s actually a Tucson Republican lawmaker who wants … Continue reading

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Books or guns?

Here’s your choice: Attend the Tucson Festival of Books on the UA campus the weekend of March 12-13, or the gun show at the Pima County Fairgrounds. Remember the saying, guns or butter? Fight or eat. Anger or compassion. Dominance … Continue reading

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Big sigh of relief

It’s been a busy and difficult week. Gabby has opened both eyes and even given her husband, Mark Kelly, a back rub or a neck rub, depending on whether you believe the New York Times or the Arizona Daily Star. … Continue reading

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Pedal as fast as you can

Luckily, Dan and I are both word people. It’s as big a deal as having similar political beliefs. We make metaphorical jokes, enjoy silly puns and make up new words daily. It’s like breathing. I’m so obsessive about correct word … Continue reading

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