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From citizen journalism to fake news…

I knew it wouldn’t end well. From my first blog post six years ago to the current reality of 1984, where lies become truth, science is suspect, and a blowhard president sits in the White House. I’m obsessed with George Orwell’s 1984. … Continue reading

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Restored Faith: an Independent and a Republican

A brain is a terrible thing to waste. Education isn’t about being a “snob”; it’s about questioning your own views and considering those of others, reading and listening and evaluating. It’s called critical thinking, not making up your mind about … Continue reading

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Journalism, the essential fourth branch of government

At least that’s what I used to teach. I drew a tree with three gnarly branches on the blackboard (remember those?), making a big deal as I added the fourth implied branch: Respected Journalism, gathered by people who were knowledgeable … Continue reading

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