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Registering people to vote

Yesterday was a long, tiring day at the Tucson Jewish Community Center.  Watching lines of young swimmers smiling by our table, severely disabled kids in wheelchairs, and exercisers of all ages, my book club pals and I registered only three … Continue reading

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From citizen journalism to fake news…

I knew it wouldn’t end well. From my first blog post six years ago to the current reality of 1984, where lies become truth, science is suspect, and a blowhard president sits in the White House. I’m obsessed with George Orwell’s 1984. … Continue reading

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Racism where the sidewalk ends

Life in sunny Tucson is good. I’m sunny most of the time but shit happens that’s hard to take. What I wanted to write about today was last weekend’s stimulating, fun Tucson Festival of Books; finding my mother-of-the-groom dress in … Continue reading

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If it’s good enough for my kid…

Then, and only then, is it good enough for yours…otherwise blah, blah, blah. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) decides that his kid should have the same opportunity to love someone and make a commitment like the senator and his wife have … Continue reading

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No fan of LBJ, but I gotta say…

Some folks are really, really happy that President Obama emerged from his evolution closet today to support same-sex marriage. Fine by me. If gays and lesbians want to marry, it’s their business, not mine. For me it’s equality. My beloved … Continue reading

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Fear-mongering among the 1 percent/Promoting innovation among the rest of us

C’mon, New York Times columnist and Princeton University economist Paul Krugman isn’t some flaming radical; he’s one of the intelligentsia. But that’s part of the  fear-mongering that’s rampant: Mistrust those smart guys. What do they know? They’re not like us. Are the super-rich … Continue reading

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Homeland run amok

Since 9/11, we’ve been terrorized by fear. You see it in the monumental popularity of Fox News where almost every story is about something  (flip-flops) or someone (any Muslim) that is out to harm us. During this latest debt ceiling … Continue reading

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