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George McGovern: “My Conscience is Clear”

I met Democratic presidential nominee Sen.¬†George McGovern in 1972, when I worked in his campaign in Montana. I didn’t know what to say. “Just keep telling the truth,” I blurted. And he did, that year, and in all the years … Continue reading

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Another Tempest in Arizona

My East Coast friends often ask how I can live in Arizona. Good question. Sunshine helps a lot. Here’s the latest controversy — ethnic studies/book censorship. In the wake of this uproar there’s actually a Tucson Republican lawmaker who wants … Continue reading

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Hippening Up History

History is a big topic for me: I’ve taught it, lived it, written about it, and pondered its future. I’ve also jetted around the country presenting workshops for teachers, “Connecting History: Their Lives, Our Lives.” No one is objective; it’s … Continue reading

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Journalism, the essential fourth branch of government

At least that’s what I used to teach. I drew a tree with three gnarly branches on the blackboard (remember those?), making a big deal as I added the fourth implied branch: Respected Journalism, gathered by people who were knowledgeable … Continue reading

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