A Few Sabino Canyon Snippets

I’m an eavesdropper. I’m curious about other people’s conversations. You might say I’m nosy. Or I’m creative?

Early morning hike in Sabino Canyon, here’s what I heard:

“When I was young I always felt like Superman.”

“I go home, take a shower, and put on my little black sundress.”

“I need to get home and do a lot around the house. Donnie will be here in a few days.”

And, my favorite, a chunky youngish guy stops one of the old volunteer rangers:

“So I’m wondering if you can do anything about this — I’m a federal agent (lifts his t-shirt to show his badge) — I was hiking on the Phoneline trail and there was a very angry, rattling and hissing rattlesnake in the middle of the trail.”

A while later I saw him again. He asked me how to get to the visitors center. When he looked confused, then turned left, I called out, “No, straight ahead.” He must have been from DC.

Any snippets you’ve heard lately that make you wonder about humanity? Did anything you overheard spark an idea for a novel or a children’s book? Where did your imagination take you? Do you listen to other people’s conversations or try not to?

Yes, I’m curious.



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