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Vulture Capitalists

I’m worried about the election for the first time in months. Could a disastrously passive 90-minute debate have lost the election for Obama? Did Smokin’ Joe Biden bring us back or hurt the cause in the VP debate on Thursday … Continue reading

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Dear Barack: I’m Flabbergasted

Plenty has been written about your less than lackluster first-debate. Frustrating and depressing for sure. I figure you were so angry you couldn’t speak, and anything you said Romney would respond to with a lie. Of the 67 million people … Continue reading

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It’s all over but the shouting…

And there will be plenty of that. It’s no surprise that 82-year-old Clint Eastwood blurting stupid nothings to an empty chair was a not a big hit to the Republican party faithful. Speaking of faithful, what did all those white … Continue reading

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