Vulture Capitalists

In our adjoining fancy El Encanto hood!

I’m worried about the election for the first time in months. Could a disastrously passive 90-minute debate have lost the election for Obama? Did Smokin’ Joe Biden bring us back or hurt the cause in the VP debate on Thursday night? Did  “Vulture Capitalist” Romney’s opportunistic, supposedly moderate debate performance turn the tide among voters who want aggressiveness? Don’t they know what a liar he is?

Even women voters are moving toward Romney, which is unbelievable considering the Republicans’ desire to control women’s bodies, at the same time that they spout a need for  government to get out of the way! Malarkey!

Before I completely unravel, here’s my take on the Biden’s debate performance:

Loved it when Joe pointed out that Ryan asked for stimulus money in Wisconsin.

Responding to Ryan’s foreign policy criticism, “What would you do differently?” asked Joe. No specifics from Ryan.

Name a loophole that you would cut from the tax code — Lyin’ Ryan kept his ticket’s secret.

BS about Republican support of Social Security and Medicare: Biden looked straight into the camera, “Trust your instincts on this folks. These guys never wanted SS and Medicare. Who are you going to trust on this one?”

Republicans are now yelling about Biden being disrespectful and condescending. I could totally relate to Joe’s laughing, looking at Ryan with disdain. Exactly what he and Romney deserve for all their lying. How they care for the poorest among us and will work hard for the middle class.

Malarkey. Bullshit. Lies.

“Facts matter,” asserted the vice president.

Biden called out Ryan on Romney’s infamous 47 percent “victim” video, noting that members of the armed forces fighting in current wars, which Ryan and Bush Republicans started on a “credit card,” are part of the 47 percent who don’t pay taxes.

Ryan attempted to defend Romney: He didn’t really mean that 47 percent of Americans were moochers.

“I always say what I mean,” said Biden. “And so did Gov. Romney in that video.”

Ryan voted to reduce spending for protection of our embassies by $300 million. Now he and Romney are squawking about the attack on our Libyan embassy where four people were tragically killed.

Republicans can’t yell as much about the economy because of definite improvements such as unemployment dropping to 7.8 percent.

When Ryan chastised Biden for the administration borrowing money from China, which was one thing Ryan did approve in the Republican do-nothing Congress, I wish Joe had talked about Romney’s investments in China.

Do we want a president who hides his wealth in China and the Cayman Islands? Why won’t Romney release his tax returns going back more than two years? Tax evasion/criminal activity?

Do the American people want a president who’s “holding the middle class hostage,” while Republicans insist on  20 percent tax cuts for the super-wealthy to match any cuts for the middle class.

Vulture capitalists indeed.

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  1. Sharon Osborne says:

    This is a really good one, Sheila. I wanted to print it out, but can’t figure out how to do it…?

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