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Sweet dog

How quickly everything changes. After four days in the hospital with a blood clot in his lung, Dan came home yesterday. It’s Sunday morning. We drove to Rincon Market for breakfast and for me to pick up my Sunday New … Continue reading

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Not that every business can be Starbucks…

What, you mean the guys making a fortune adding a little syrup, a dash of whipped cream to good ole’ coffee and selling it for four bucks? We’re willing to pay for it, so good for them. I can’t blame … Continue reading

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Coffeeeeed up and/or how my brain works

“I’m going to Occupy Wall Street in New York,” I blurted as the cheerful guy at the coffee drive-thru handed me my glass of iced buzz. But it’s not just coffee that gets me going. “Are you leaving now?” he … Continue reading

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I’ve been aware of how often Jonathan Franzen mentions freedom in his highly touted new novel, and how often responsibility kicks in. “Freedom,” the tome I’ve been reading while flying both directions cross-country these past few weeks, is partly about … Continue reading

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