Sweet dog

How quickly everything changes. After four days in the hospital with a blood clot in his lung, Dan came home yesterday. It’s Sunday morning. We drove to Rincon Market for breakfast and for me to pick up my Sunday New York Times. (The real draw is Jamaican Me Crazy or Snoodledoodle coffee). It’s only a short walk but it was too far this week.

Sitting around in a hospital, where I’ve been before, puts a hold on life. The patient has his own experience, but I can attest that the loved one becomes a cottonhead. Stand up, sit down, play Whirly Word, be present, but no reading or writing or anything that takes much energy.

Walking the halls, we saw old, pale people, even one man that had an “English Patient” face, or lack thereof.

Rincon Market this morning was a different scene. Young couples, a pregnant woman, cyclists loading up on croissants and omelettes, two old men chatting and checking in with each other, four spritely kids wearing colorful MIT t-shirts (grandparents must have just arrived from Boston).

And there was the sweetest dog, with a shiny black coat and a white diamond throat,  calmly waiting outside for her people. A well-loved, healthy dog, ready for whatever life would bring.

In my blog post last week, I wasn’t mad at the dogs. It was the dogs’ ornery woman. I still plan to go back to Frank’s and tell the owner about the nastiness that transpired on their patio. It couldn’t have been good for business. I won’t have breakfast there again until they change their policy about dogs in such a tight spot.

Rincon Market this morning was different. A young woman was playing the violin by the coffee counter. “Happy Together,” “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head,” then she moved into “Maria” and a “West Side Story” medley. Refreshing our coffee, I looked over at her and smiled. She smiled back. Dan dropped a donation in her violin case.

The sweet young family with their sweet dog sat close to each other at their outdoor table, plates full of scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls and grilled potatoes sparkling in the sun. The dark-haired little daughter sat on the ground next to her dark-haired little dog.

All was right with the world. For now.



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2 Responses to Sweet dog

  1. Dory says:

    Wishing Dan good health!

  2. sheilawill says:

    Thanks Dory! He’s making progress every day.

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