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Ryan Gosling’s eyes or Heisenberg’s hat?

His face was hidden by dark glasses. He was a skinny little guy whose shape was more like Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman than Walter White, aka Heisenberg the meth kingpin. His hat was the right shape but it was a … Continue reading

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Two from Ohio, our political heartland

Two from Ohio, one each from New Brunswick, Maine, Massachusetts, New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, Oklahoma, Los Angeles and a third-generation Tucsonan. Watermelon salad with feta and mint, pasta with veggies and fresh basil from a Trader Joe’s plant, … Continue reading

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A tall, grande or venti coffee story

I never thought that Starbucks would be my local coffee hangout. But it is. For a few years, Julie and I walked through El Encanto neighborhood chatting about our lives. Strolling around the hood sipping coffee was the perfect early … Continue reading

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We’re from New Yohk

Being able to walk on cool sunny Tucson mornings without slipping on ice is a miracle for this New Englander. Back east there’s snow and more snow, a friend was sandwiched between two storms unable to fly west from Massachusetts. … Continue reading

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Not that every business can be Starbucks…

What, you mean the guys making a fortune adding a little syrup, a dash of whipped cream to good ole’ coffee and selling it for four bucks? We’re willing to pay for it, so good for them. I can’t blame … Continue reading

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A tiny taste of paranoia

A salted caramel mocha iced frappe at Starbucks sounded so yummy. When Julie and I go for our twice weekly early morning power walks we both always have the same thing — a grande iced coffee with soy milk, unsweetened … Continue reading

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