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Seals snoozing, eagle soaring, nibbling on Moonstruck chocolate

Wind’s howling but the sun’s shining as a bright red kite whooshes by our window. Perched high above the Pacific in our cozy cottage on the Oregon coast nothing happens and enough. Yachats — pronounced Yahaats not the Yiddish YaCHats … Continue reading

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Ice cream and revolution

Swirly chocolate & vanilla, rocky road, bourbon crunch homemade at the Hub, even weird flavors like licorice conjured up at the aggie school when I was in college. An ice cream cone can change the world. How many families got … Continue reading

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The year I went gray but still wore sequins

On the eve of 2012 it’s okay to eat as much chocolate as I want. Alternating between the raspberry and ginger dark chocolate that Dan presented me with on Christmas morning, that’s how the day is — one bite in … Continue reading

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I was so much older then

OK, watch out — I’m turning on the bragonater, which is very different than a bullshit detector. There’s nothing I enjoy more than someone practically keeling over when I divulge my age. Today an acquaintance was telling me about a … Continue reading

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