The year I went gray but still wore sequins

On the eve of 2012 it’s okay to eat as much chocolate as I want. Alternating between the raspberry and ginger dark chocolate that Dan presented me with on Christmas morning, that’s how the day is — one bite in the past and another that’s more zesty.

Raspberry: Subtle. Fading memories of arriving in Tucson on Jan. 1, 2000 to teach for a semester at Catalina Foothills H.S.  Raspberry spring. Arab spring, all the turmoil but hope for a new beginning in oppressed places. A hidden raspberry purple streak in my hair. A tragedy in Tucson almost a year ago. I’ll be in Houston with Ethan in his new life, celebrating his 31st birthday. Always hopeful about the future. Have to be when you have children.

Ginger: more pizazz, looking ahead to new adventures. Social Security this year — venture out into the world or be more practical, save for quiet within. (maybe some of both?) I’ll wear my sequined gray sweater tonight for dinner with friends. They’re going to grill steak and lobster tails — first time I’ve ever eaten lobster outside of Maine — but I’m told it was flown in from Maine (like me). Celebrating the incoming 2012 like the 1 percent, in the Foothills overlooking the twinkly city lights.

Here’s to chocolate and champagne, children and friends, books and bikes, health and happiness, raspberry and ginger, equality and justice for all!


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3 Responses to The year I went gray but still wore sequins

  1. Happy New Year, Sheila!
    Let’s savor it all – the sweet and the spicy ~ as we move into the Year of the Dragon.

  2. sheilawill says:

    Thanks Annie! The Year of the Dragon, huh? What will we be fierce about?

  3. Sharon Osborne says:

    And a Happy New Year to you, too, Sheila. When I saw your headline, I thought “She’s gone back to her gorgeous gray hair, and the sequins, of course, will always be there!! Did I misunderstand? We went to First Night in Belfast, and it was nearly 50 degrees–lots of fun and good music and dancing though. We have some tough fights to face here in Maine this year with the slimy thug of a governor–we will need to be fierce in the Year of the Dragon? Sharon P.S. What are those icons I’m to click on?

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