Seals snoozing, eagle soaring, nibbling on Moonstruck chocolate

Seals hanging out on our beach

Wind’s howling but the sun’s shining as a bright red kite whooshes by our window. Perched high above the Pacific in our cozy cottage on the Oregon coast nothing happens and enough. Yachats — pronounced Yahaats not the Yiddish YaCHats — is called the “gem of the Oregon coast.” I’d call it the capital of the emerald green state.

Wait. There’s lots more good stuff on this coast (and the weather isn’t one). Moonstruck chocolates. I just enjoyed my third, a raspberry dark chocolate truffle. What’s a birthday week without the best? This was the silkiest, most sublime “handcrafted artisan chocolate” ever. My ingenious, wonderful daughter, Brook, ordered a tiny box of four to be delivered to this coastal gem from Portland, with elegant packaging rivaling that of Apple computers.

“Meet the Truffles,” the note inside said. Sure, I’m all for it.

Today I also met the seal family hanging out on their craggy rock homes down the beach. You can see their upstairs and downstairs locations in my little photo (I’m hooked on the iPhone camera!). Staring at each other for around 15 minutes, I realized that seals may be my favorite creatures. 

This morning we awoke to unusual sunshine and a bluer than blue sea. I took my coffee cup outside to the cabin’s tiny porch, standing above the Pacific, the beach, the seal family rocks. There, at the perfect moment, an eagle soared by.


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