Heartsick: Get rid of the f**ing guns!

When Congressional greedy wimps didn’t do anything after Sandy Hook, I gave up on gun law restrictions. I couldn’t stand it. I’m old and couldn’t be sick to my stomach forever. This morning I heard a psychologist on NPR discuss ongoing physical trauma that pop up again and again in this country following every mass shooting by angry, isolated, racist, mostly white men.

I can’t take it anymore. I must do something. I’m a mother, grandmother, and former teacher. How can it be dangerous to attend elementary school, or go grocery shopping, or go to a movie?

But innocent children???? Today I donated $10 to Sandy Hook Promise, a great cause started by the mom of little Daniel, one of the murdered Sandy Hook kids.

“Best part of my day is picking my kid up from school, it should be the most basic guaranteed joy. I cannot fathom the grief and rage, this country is so cruel and lost”…Lucas Mann, retweeted by my daughter-in-law

If you read nothing else today, please take a look at Nicolas Kristof’s “How to Reduce Shootings” in yesterday’s NYTimes (May 24, first published in 2017, gives real solutions and real statistics, not “thoughts and prayers.” PLEASE READ!)

What would prioritize returning guns to reduce the outrageous statistic of 120 guns owned in the United States for every 100 people??

The U.S. Money God.

Perhaps, instead of going to outer space, the wealthiest among us — who care about the slaughter of innocent children — would offer dollars for guns returned. Especially AK-47s, which have no other purpose but to kill people. Children. Ten-year-olds. WTF?


Let these wealthy folks do something decent: Give $1000 to anyone who delivers a gun to their local police department, or food shelter director, minister, rabbi, or imam. Whomever they trust to get rid of these weapons of mass murder.

I’m not saying to deliver these killing machines to the Minneapolis Police Department, today marking the police murder of George Floyd, here in Minneapolis where I now live.

This is a sick society. Unfortunately, money may be the only thing that can cure this insanity.

Addendum: While looking for an appropriate photo to accompany this post, “Nagging questions about gun control,” popped up on my laptop screen, the only editorial that ever appeared in the Arizona Jewish Post. I insisted on writing it for the Jan. 11, 2011 issue, three days after former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot, along with the wounding of twelve others, and the murder of six, including nine-year-old Christina-Taylor Green who was holding my friend Suzi Hileman’s hand. To its credit, the AJP reprinted that editorial today.

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2 Responses to Heartsick: Get rid of the f**ing guns!

  1. evenkeel22 says:

    YEP!!!! Jen White’s 1A program on NPR this morning excellently reviewed the same old, same old. At one point, White, one of the best interviewers on NPR, broke down and cried, talking about her child who goes to school every day. We who are intelligent rational observers know what the problem is and steps needed to bring down non-hunting gun crime, but just don’t have the political power to change things. Governor Vladimir Abbot’s (etc.) Texas allows guns to be sold, no questions asked. Makes one want to scream, bang a lot of Republican heads against the wall.

    How to “police” the return of guns? First you’ve got to end their purchase, otherwise, what’s the point? For every gun turned in, how many more are still bought?


  2. sheilawill says:

    I totally agree…but I’m so sick to my stomach. I’m of the options crowd: let’s do anything. Something! And I believe that turning in a gun for $1000 would get some of the killing machines out of circulation. Some gun owners would go for the money approach here in an America gone insane. Turn them in to ministers, rabbis, or imams, your food shelter, or anyone you trust. It could be done. Comon’ ultra rich, cough up dollars for such a program!

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